The street art is really amazing, so much more than just graffiti

Melissa at Biblioteca Nacional (national library)

Plaza de Mayo


Swimming in a fountain on the widest street (16 lanes!) in the world? Why not.

Edificio Barolo,

a monument to Dante’s Divine Comedy

The old school El Obrero restaurant (Bono ate here twice, our waiter loves him)

Visiting La Bombonera stadium in La Boca, and standing in Maradona’s shadow

Colorful (and touristy) Caminto in La Boca

Floralis Genérica (a giant hydraulic aluminum flower controlled by the sun)

Our  friends Fabian + Diego,

musical geniuses from the

local peña

(a place for traditional folklore music)


flamenco guitarist we saw on

New Year’s Eve

Street artist in San Telmo who paints with his hands and by throwing paint, paying homage to my beloved Robert Smith